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This edition: Where Do We Go from Here: The November Election and New York City

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 30, 2004.

Moderator Bob Liff sits down with guests, Evelyn Hernandez a columnist for El Diario / La Prensa, Claire Haaga Altman the founder and president of Housing and Services Inc., Kenneth Sherrill Chair of the Dept. of Political Science at Hunter College and Errol Louis a columnist for the New York Daily News. They discuss the outcome of the 2004 presidential election and what it means for the city of New York.

Guest List

Claire Haaga Altman Founder & President, Housing and Services

Evelyn Hernandez Columnist, El Diario/La Prensa

Bob Liff Senior Vice President, George Arzt Communications

Errol Louis Columnist, New York Daily News

Kenneth Sherrill Professor of Political Science, Hunter College/CUNY

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