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This edition: America's Healthcare Debate: Wither the Public Option?

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Original tape date: September 29, 2009.

Moderator Bob Liff and a panel of experts discuss the on-going debate over healthcare policy in the United States.  While the US Congress weighs President Obama’s ambitious agenda to “fix” healthcare in America, the policy landscape is being shaped by emerging political battles over the so-called “public option” plans advanced by advocates on the left, versus market-driven options touted by the right.  The panel explores the similarities and differences between public option and single-payer systems, while addressing the merits and discontents of each.  In addition to examining the role of lobbyists and labor unions in this debate, the panel looks at the real world impact of current healthcare practices on the constituencies affected by them.

Guest List

Dr. Gregory Dodell Committee of Interns & Residents, SEIU Healthcare

Paul Howard Director, Center for Medical Progress & Senior Fellow, The Manhattan Institutte

Bob Liff Senior Vice President, George Arzt Communications

Simone-Marie L. Meeks Senior Health Policy Associate, New York Academy of Medicine

Prof. Stacey Plichta Professor, School of Public Health, Hunter College/CUNY