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This edition: 2010 Census: Who Counts? Who's Counted?

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Original tape date: April 20, 2010.

Moderator Bob Liff and a panel of experts discuss the logistical complications of the US Census Bureau’s effort to count New Yorkers, as well as the political and economic implications of the Census count.  Given the City and State’s remarkable diversity, immigrant population, and popular suspicion of government, an unusual number of challenges exist for Census takers.  Nevertheless, the stakes are exceptionally high, since New York’s political representation and economic resources hinge on an accurate count of all its residents.  The panel debates the demographic challenges associated with the Census, as well as the politics of the count, reapportionment, and redistricting in contentious times.

Guest List

Dr. Andrew A. Beveridge Chairperson, Dept. of Sociology, Queens College/CUNY

Dr. Ron Daniels Professor, Dept. of Political Science, York College/CUNY

Joan Gibbs Esq., General Counsel, Center for Law & Social Justice, Medgar Evers College/CUNY

Bob Liff Senior Vice President, George Arzt Communications

Erica Pearson Columnist and Census Reporter, New York Daily News

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