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This edition: The Politics of Fiscal Uncertainty: Whither Public Employee Unions?

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Original tape date: March 29, 2011.

Moderator Bob Liff and a panel of experts debate the impact of state budget crises on public employee unions.  Starting with the controversy in Wisconsin, where a Republican Governor has moved to strip public employees’ collective bargaining rights, the panel moves to New York State.  New York’s Democratic Governor faces a $10 Billion budget deficit, which some attribute to unsustainable contracts secured by the State’s public employee unions.  Others view those union contracts as critical to the growth of a middle class in New York, where competitive wages and benefits packages are essential to job creation.  The battles over public employee unions and collective bargaining continue, while growing ever more complex in New York State’s highly charged political landscape.

Guest List

Mark Lieberman Managing Director/Senior Editor, Economics Analytics

Bob Liff Senior Vice President, George Arzt Communications

Michael R. Long Chairman, Conservative Party of New York State

Camille Rivera Deputy Political Director, Local 32BJ-SEIU

Richard Steier Editor, The Chief