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This edition: 2016 Political Primaries and Polarities: Will the Center Hold?

Episode Details

Original tape date: December 2, 2015.

First aired: December 7, 2015.

Moderator Bob Liff and a panel of observers discuss the 2016 presidential primaries on the Democratic and GOP sides. What do the primary contests tell us about race, identity politics, and income inequality in the US? What effect will tragic events here and abroad have on the primary contests in 2016? Will the Donald Trump phenomenon last? Does Bernie Sanders have a chance against Hillary Clinton? All these questions and more are examined in detail.

Guests: L. Joy Williams, Principal & Founder LJW Community Strategies, LLC; Harry Siegel, Columnist New York Daily News; Jaime Estades, President Latino Leadership Institute; Charles Tien, Professor of Political Science, Hunter College, CUNY. Taped December 2, 2015.

Guest List

Mr. Jaime Estades, Esq. President, Latino Leadership Institute

Harry Siegel Columnist, New York Daily News

Charles Tien Professor of Political Science, Hunter College/CUNY

L. Joy Williams Principal & Founder, LJW Community Strategies, LLC