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This edition: The Pros and Cons of New York's "ConCon"

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 27, 2017.

First aired: October 3, 2017.

Moderator Bob Liff and a panel of experts meet for a spirited debate about the Constitutional Convention vote in New York State. Should New Yorkers vote "YES" to fix the State's political process, decried my many as "dysfunctional"? If New Yorkers do vote to hold a "ConCon," will powerful interests hijack the process and use it to undermine the civil rights, labor and environmental protections that many in this state hold dear? In other words, should voters in New York be driven by hope or fear when they go to the polls on November 7?

Guest List

Henry Garrido Executive Director, District Council 37 (DC 37)

Bertha Lewis President & Founder, The Black Institute

Donna Lieberman Executive Director, New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)

Bob Liff Host/Moderator

Bill Samuels Chairman, EffectiveNY

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