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Brian Lehrer Live - 2004 RNC, Michael Eric Dyson

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 4, 2005.

The weekly hour-long program premieres with an examination of video footage recorded of protesters at the summer 2004 Republican Convention in New York City.  Although nearly 2,000 people were charged with crimes during the protests, the District Attorney recently dropped charges in 91 percent of the cases.

Lehrer will also interview Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of African American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the new book, "Is Bill Cosby Right?," in which he takes issue with the comedian's criticisms of black America.

Guest List

Prof. Michael Eric Dyson Professor of African American Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Jeff Jarvis Blogger,

Brian Lehrer Radio Host, WNYC, New York

Jeffrey Rothman Civil Rights Attorney