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Brian Lehrer Live - Post Election Blowout!

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 5, 2008.

This week, it's a post election blow out.   Even though the polls predicted an Obama victory, the country is still in shock.  How did it happen?  What does the rest of the world think?  And what does this mean for Race Relations in America?

Guest List

Steve Clemons Senior Fellow of the American Strategy Program, New America Foundation & Founder/The Washington Note

Edward-Isaac Dovere Editor, The Capitol & City Hall, Manhattan Media Holdings

Lena Einhorn Filmmaker/Writer

Brian Lehrer Radio Host, WNYC, New York

Andrew Rasiej Co-Founder/Editor of, Founder of the Personal Democracy Forum

Lenore Skenazy Columnist, New York Sun

Jim Sleeper Lecturer in Political Science/Author, Yale University

Nils Wigginghaus Obama Supporter

Leon Wynter Blogger, commentator and author