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Wallander - The Brothers

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Episode Details

(2005-2006/Sweden, color, 90-minute crime series, in Swedish with English subtitles) Cast: Krister Henriksson, Johanna S'llstrom, Ola Rapace, Mats Bergman, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Douglas Johansson, Stina Ekblad. Olof and Carolina Wrangel are tortured and brutally murdered. Inspector Kurt Wallander is under pressure from his superiors in Stockholm to find out why. Similar deaths follow and Wallander and his team have to find out whether there is an underlying connection in the deaths and whether three missing army conscripts are involved. He has the help of his daughter Linda and Detective Stefan Lindman, who are proving that when it comes to police work they are just as good as Kurt. Introduced by Jerry Carlson.