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Natural Health Breakthroughs with Brenda Watson - Stem Cells II

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First aired: January 10, 2018.

Cutting-edge stem cell treatments outside the U.S. - R. Vijayanagar, MD: pioneering transplant surgeon now provides stem-cell treatments for heart disease at a Bahamas clinic. A full-service stem-cell treatment clinic in Panama - Neil Riordan, PhD: research scientist and founder of Stem Cell Institute, in Panama City, Panama. Why the clinic's stem cell treatments are safe - Jorge Paz Rodriguez, MD: internal medicine specialist at the institute. Acquisition and processing of stem cells - Rodolfo Fernandez: medical technologist. Personal stories - Sam Harrell - being treated for MS; Juan Jose Ballareno - being treated for a spinal injury; Todd Rinehart - being treated for rheumatoid arthritis.