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Natural Health Breakthroughs with Brenda Watson - Genetics

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First aired: January 31, 2018.

Overview of the current state of genomics research - Eric Green, MD, PhD: Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH in Washington, DC. How genetic testing affects treatments for various diseases - Richard Lifton, MD, PhD: Chairman of Yale University's Department of Genetics; his research into genetic drivers of blood pressure has changed the way high blood pressure is treated. Genetic testing for everyone? - Emily Drabant Conley, MD: Director of Business Development for 23andMe, a company created to make genetic testing routine; the FDA has restricted them to two tests. The ethical ins & outs of genetic testing - Hank Greely: Professor of Law and Genetics at Stanford University's Center for Law and the Biosciences. Personal story - Bill Wray: a patient who's being treated by physicians at Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center using genetic testing.