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A History of Hispanic Achievement in America - A New Hispanic Identity Emerges (1819 - 1847)

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1.) 1819 - Luis de Onis Prevents a War Between Spain and the United States
Luis de Onis, a Spanish diplomat, cedes Florida, last of the Spanish colonies in the United States, to the United States with the Treaty of Amity -the Adams-Onis Treaty.
2.) 1821 - Don Facundo Melgares Inaugurates Trade on the Santa Fe Trail
The Santa Fe Trail was supported by Don Facundo Melgares, governor of New Mexico in Santa Fe, when American frontiersman William Becknell pioneered the trail in 1821.
3.) 1836 - Jose Antonio Navarro and Lorenzo de Zavala, Founding Fathers of the Texas Republic
Jose Antonio Navarro and Lorenzo de Zavala, two leading Hispanics in Texas, supported Texas independence, which would lead to the Texas Republic first governed by Sam Houston.
4.) 1836 - Juan Seguin Stands with Americans at the Battle of the Alamo
Juan Seguin, a Hispanic defending the Alamo in Texas, fought side by side with Crockett, Bowie and Travis, as one of many Tejanos supporting Texas independence.
5.) 1836 - Juana Briones Establishes San Francisco
Juana Briones founded San Francisco, California.