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A History of Hispanic Achievement in America - Hispanics Become United States Citizens (1848 - 1897)

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1.) 1848 - The Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo Cedes Mexican Southwest to the United States
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the Mexican American War, ceded the Mexican Southwest to the United States.
2.) 1853 - Joaquin Murieta Becomes the Inspiration for the Cisco Kid and Zorro
Joaquin Murieta, a Robin Hood type bandit from California, who led the gang known as the Five Joaquin's, was the inspiration for the Cisco Kid and Zorro.
3.) 1855 - Francisco Ramirez Founds the First Spanish Language Newspaper in Los Angeles
Francisco Ramirez started the first Spanish Language Newspaper, El Clamor Publico, in Los Angeles.
4.) 1862 - Indian Fighter Rafael Chacon and Kit Carson Defeat the Navajo
Rafael Chacon was a caballero from New Mexico who with Mountain Man Kit Carson defeated the Navajo
5.) 1863 - Hispanics Distinguish Themselves in the American Civil War
Federico Fernandez Cavada and Colonel Santos Benavides were just two of many Hispanics to serve admirably in the civil war.
6.) 1866 - David Farragut Becomes the First Admiral in the U.S. Navy
David Farragut, the first admiral of the American Navy, fought in the Civil War, and is known for his legendary words "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"
7.) 1866 - Mexican Vaqueros Begin the American Cowboy Tradition
Vaqueros created the craft of the cowboy with their incredibly strong and agile horses, the Spanish mustangs.