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A History of Hispanic Achievement in America - Era of the Hispanic American Hero Begins (1969 - 2007)

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1.) 1969 - Judy Baca Brings the Hispanic Muralist Movement to the United States
Artist Judy Baca initiates the Hispanic Muralist Movement in Los Angeles.
2.) 1973 - Roberto Clemente is the First Hispanic Elected into Baseball's Hall of Fame
Roberto Clemente opens up major league baseball to Hispanic players.
3.) 1978 - Hispanic Golfer Nancy Lopez Wins Her First LPGA Championship
Nancy Lopez a Hispanic golfer, becomes the leading women's golfer in the LPGA.
4.) 1980 - Walter Alvarez Proposes Dinosaur Extinction Caused by Asteroid Impact
Walter Alvarez proposed the leading cause on dinosaur extinction with his Asteroid impact theory.
5.) 1986 - Franklin Chang-Diaz Becomes the First Hispanic American in Space
Franklin Chang-Diaz and Ellen Ochoa were America's first Hispanic astronauts.
6.) 1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello, First Hispanic Surgeon General
Dr. Antonia Novello was the first Hispanic appointed Surgeon General of the United States.
7.) 2001 - Linda Alvarado Wins Horatio Alger Award
Linda Alvarado, an American Entrepreneur, was a leading Hispanic business woman who won the Horatio Alger Award.