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A History of American Indian Achievement - The Golden Age of Ancient American Indians

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1.) 1700 B.C. - Poverty Point Culture Founds First American City
The Poverty Point Culture was a hunter-gatherer society in Louisiana, who were mound builders and built the first American Indian city.
2.) 1400 B.C. - American Indians Begin Shift to Agriculture
American Indian agriculture domesticated Indian corn, beans and squash.
3.) 300 A.D. - Archaic Upper Great Lakes Cultures Begin Building Effigy Mounds
The Woodland Culture Indians were mound builders, that were really three groups - Red Ocher, Hopewell and Effigy Culture.
4.) 800 A.D. - Bow and Arrow Has Spread Across the Continental United States
The bow and arrow spread throughout the North American continent by 800 A.D.
5.) 1000 A.D. - Mississippian Culture Establishes Cahokia As Their Capital
Mississippian Culture, including the capital at Cahokia, Aztalan and Ocmulgee in Georgia, was a group of American Indian city-states, who were mound builders, creating earthworks monuments.