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This edition: Edward Koch Memorial - "New York Comes Back"

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 19, 2005.

First aired: February 6, 2013.

In 2005, CUNY TV, in conjunction with The Museum of the City of New York taped a symposium in honor of Mayor Edward I. Koch and the publication of, "New York Comes Back: The Mayoralty of Edward I. Koch." Participants at the event included: Pete Hamill, Michael Goodwin, Victor Gotbaum, Stephen Berger, Joyce Purnick, Al Sharpton, and Ken Auletta. Susan Henshaw Jones, president and director of The Museum of the City of New York opened the conversation.

Guest List

Ken Auletta Journalist, The New Yorker

Stephen Berger Journalist, Former Head of the Port Authority, Investment Banker

Michael Goodwin Columnist, The Daily News

Victor Gotbaum Labor Leader

Pete Hamill Novelist and Columnist

Joyce Purnick Journalist, The New York Times

Al Sharpton Activist