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This edition: Baseball: The New York Game

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 20, 2015.

First aired: September 18, 2015.

Tony Guida Hosts the CUNY TV Special – Baseball: The New York Game.

The history of New York City baseball: its birth, milestones, teams, and cultural impact – from the all stars on the field to the passion of everyday fans. Segments include Tony Guida’s investigation into the birth of baseball with MLB official historian John Thorn; Andrew Falzon’s retrospective on the city’s loss of the Giants and Dodgers and subsequent birth of the Mets as told by New York Times reporter George Vescey, sportscaster Sal Marchiano, and Mets legend Ed Kranepool; Tinabeth’s examination of baseball’s racial integration from Jackie Robinson through present day including conversations with Jackie Robinson’s daughter and teammate - Sharon Robinson and Ralph Branca respectively - and former Negro League player James Robinson; and Mike Gilliam’s report on MLB Advanced Media – the engine driving baseball technology into a new age.

Guest List

Ralph Branca Pitcher, Brooklyn Dodgers

Greg Cain Sr Director of Baseball Data, MLBAM

Larry Hans New York Giants Fan

Ed Kranepool First Baseman, New York Mets

Peter Laskowich Baseball Historian

Sal Marchiano Sportscaster, WNBC, WPIX (Retired)

Joe Margolin Brooklyn Dodgers Fan

Howard Megdal New York Mets Fan

Alicia Mullin Director of New Media, MLBAM

James Robinson Third Baseman, Kansas City Monarchs

Sharon Robinson Jackie Robinson’s Daughter, Educational Consultant, MLB

John Thorn Official MLB Historian

George Vecsey Author, Sports Columnist, The New York Times (Retired)

Bald Vinny New York Yankees Fan

Web Extras

Brooklyn Dodgers: Ralph Branca

Former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca reflects on Opening Day with Jackie Robinson

Brooklyn Dodgers: Ralph Branca

The former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher talks about what he would like to be remembered for.

Brooklyn Dodgers: Ralph Branca

Former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher tells us where he thinks he would stand in today's game.

Jackie Robinson Foundation

Sharon Robinson gives some insight into the foundation named in honor of her father.

Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson tells us what Jackie Robinson was like as a father and as a person.
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