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This edition: Animal Reproduction and Development

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Episode Details

The continuation of life through the physical process of reproduction is explored. Using as a backdrop experimentation in avian embryos by Dr. Marianne Bronner-Fraser and her husband, Dr. Scott Fraser, the program covers cellular development and cell differentiation. Different modes of reproduction, from asexual reproduction of hydra to sexual reproduction in more complex animals, are compared. Included is a comparison of the avian and mammalian reproductive systems.

In exploring the female and male reproductive systems, the program focuses on human anatomy and physiology. The concepts are illustrated by a couple that goes through in-vitro fertilization successfully. A highlight of this segment is a graphic explanation of the menstrual cycle. Later, Dr. Peggy Grau describes the stages of fetal development. A fetus is seen as it develops through the trimesters, and the concepts of migration and induction are explained.