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This edition: Joan Wile, Grandmothers Against the War

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Original tape date: January 10, 2006.

Joan Wile is an ageless Cabaret Singer who has reinvented herself as an 21st Century anti-war protestor, writing protest songs, organizing volunteers and keeping vigils against the Iraqi War every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30 P.M. at Rockefeller Center, here in New York City. Ms. Wile outlines her wide-ranging network of women of all ages and welcomes all interested in supporting the cause. She describes the first protest at the Eleanor Roosevelt Statue on the Westside that has become a small core of regular members, Grandmothers Against the War.

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Ronnie M. Eldridge Host, Eldridge & Co.

Joan Wile Grandmothers Againts the War