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This edition: Doug Kellner, co-chair New York State Board of Elections

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Original tape date: February 28, 2006.

Co-chair of the New York State Board of Elections, Mr. Kellner gives a short historical background to the ballot system, explains the two competing voter machines that New Yorkers will choose from in the coming years (direct recording touch screen machines and precinct based ballot scanning), and expresses confidence in the voting system we have now. Mr. Kellner says that our current lever voting machines meet future Federal standards, except for access by physically impaired voters who may still need assistance in the voting booth under the present system with the varied size levers. He warns that we always need to work out as many details before an election as possible so that little needs to be decided at the last minute where the counters invariably decide who is to win the race. There is politics in all voting procedures, Mr. Kellner points out that even the Supreme Court voted along party lines when asked to solve the 2000 election.

Guest List

Ronnie M. Eldridge Host, Eldridge & Co.

Douglas Kellner Co-Chair, NY State Board of Elections

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