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This edition: Shari Moidel, federal immigration attorney

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Original tape date: April 18, 2006.

Shari Moidel, an immigration lawyer with a wide ranging clientele from all classes and economic groups, explains how political polarization and racism help make immigration and the debates on immigration policy rage across the country raising so much tension and passion. Ronnie asks Ms. Moidel to speak on these policies and help us understand how we can decide who can live here, who can't, and why. She sensibly explains the ins and outs of the two main complaints about undocumented workers, what amnesty really means to those not documented, and the actual influence these workers have on state and Federal economy. She breaks through some of the myths and attempts to paint a portrait of immigration all over America.

Guest List

Ronnie M. Eldridge Host, Eldridge & Co.

Shari Moidel Federal Immigration Attorney