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This edition: Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Jeffrey Sachs

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Original tape date: November 21, 2011.

First aired: July 23, 2012.

Guest: Economist Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

"Around the world, young people—students, workers, and the unemployed—are bringing their grievances to the public square. The specific grievances differ across the countries, yet the animating demands are the same: democracy and economic justice." —Jeffrey Sachs

Economist Jeffrey Sachs has captured the zeitgeist of a nation by jumping headlong into the current ethical debate about government and its relationship to market capitalism. With visits to Occupy Wall Street and a variety of public fora, he has cemented his view that government officials' dependence on business interests has eroded democratic and economic justice in the U.S. This conversation will place Sachs' most recent work, The Price of Civilization, into the context of a career spent arguing that those with financial means have both the capability and responsibility to address global challenges and inequalities.

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