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This edition: Fast Food People / The Day I Decided to be Nina

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A confluence of conflicts: On the one hand, France does battle with the alien culture of fast food, served up in a frazzled ninety seconds, where speed is valued over quality. And the students working in the Quick and McDonald fast food empires are conflicted over the attempt (most unsuccessfully) to balance work with studies. But while the students are highly critical of boringly routinized work and the harsh management in the fast food business, they see it as an unsatisfactory but necessary source of modest income to meet their basic needs. (A film by Christophe d' Hallivillee)

Also: THE DAY I DECIDED TO BE NINA (Netherlands)

Guido is an 11-year-old boy who is often mistaken for a girl. That's not too surprising since Guido likes to wear a ponytail, is crazy about horses, and finds football a nuisance. Guido, in fact, wants to be a girl. The documentary is one of a series of nine episodes about children making courageous and difficult decisions that have an impact on the rest of their lives. (Producers Leontine Petit and Joost De Vries)