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This edition: Red BMW / The Spirit Doesn't Come Here Anymore

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THE RED BMW (Brazil)

A jobless worker with a wife and three kids living in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Sao Paulo wins a BMW in a contest. The gift that comes from heaven changes the lives of the whole family -- but in an unexpected way. The Red BMW is a comic satire on contests aimed at pulling us into the consumer system, disregarding the need most have for the means to use and care for the things we already have. The producer believes his film is a snapshot of life in Brazil today, where fiction and reality are mixed in a confusing and terrifying way. (A film by Reinaldo Pinheiro)


Pao Wangchuk, 78, is the 13th in an unbroken line of shamans, practicing his art of invoking spirits and protectors to ward off evil and curse disease in the Tibetan camp of Pokhara, Nepal. The shaman's art, believed to be an inborn faculty that needs only awakening and channeling, survives through the shaman's son or daughter. But Pao's eldest son and heir, Karma -- given to drinking and the easy life of many of today's youth -- looks on his father's vocation as an altogether alien track. The film documents the generational differences that challenge the ancient art of shamanism. (A film by Tsering Rhitar)