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This edition: My Mother's Lagoon + The Egg Lady

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A somber portrait of a peasant Iranian woman who, against all odds, cares for her sick and elderly mother while fighting off loneliness and the aggressive interference of men who intrude upon the lagoon from which she ekes a meager livelihood as a fisherwoman. The moving work leaves us in doubt about whether it is fiction or documentary. (Produced by Toufan Nahanghodrati and Mehrdad Oskouei)

Also: THE EGG LADY (Latvia)

Aina, the Egg Lady of the title, breaks eggs by hand -- up to 40,000 daily -- for a Latvian bakery company. She has pursued her occupation daily for nearly 20 years, doing the same monotonous, repetitive work. But, amazingly, Aina is perfectly happy and at peace with herself. Spending the day breaking eggs, she tells us, "allows me to think a great deal about life." (A film by Una Celma)