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This edition: Sacred Cow: Defending America on a Budget.

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First aired: June 17, 2013.

For the first time in decades, the U.S. is tightening its belt on defense spending. While traditional threats like nuclear and great power conflicts do remain, the post-9/11 challenges of terrorism and counterinsurgency have led to a paradigm shift in the way we think about our national security. Emerging threats like cybersecurity and biowarfare also require new thinking. Do 21st century challenges now pose a greater threat to U.S. national security than traditional threats like nuclear war, naval supremacy and the ability to fight ground wars? Defense in an age of economic uncertainty.

• David Ignatius, Columnist, The Washington Post
• General James Jones, Former National Security Advisor
• Donald Rumsfeld, Former Secretary of Defense
• Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe
• Chuck Hagel, Former U.S. Senator, Chairman, Atlantic Council

Guest List

Chuck Hagel Chairman, Atlantic Council

David Ignatius Columnist, The Washington Post

Gen. James Jones Former National Security Advisor

Donald Rumsfeld Former Secretary of Defense

Admiral James Stavridis Supreme Allied Commander Europe

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