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This edition: Power To The People: The New Egypt

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First aired: June 17, 2013.

The U.S. has enjoyed 30 years of relatively stable relations with both Israel and Egypt, thanks in large part to the peace plan outlined by the historic Camp David Accords. The harmony between the two rivals has provided a key element of stability in an otherwise turbulent Middle East. But Egypt's bumpy transition from the autocratic rule of President Hosni Mubarak to its post-Arab Spring reality has put many on edge. What challenges does the new Egypt pose for American policymakers and U.S. allies in the region?

• Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President
• Jonathan Tepperman, Assistant Editor, Foreign Affairs
• Bruce Rutherford, Author, Egypt After Mubarak
• Thanassis Cambanis, The Atlantic
• Michael Wahid Hanna, The Century Foundation

Guest List

Thanassis Cambanis The Atlantic

President Jimmy Carter Former U.S. President

Michael Wahid Hanna Fellow, The Century Foundation

Bruce K. Rutherford Author

Jonathan Tepperman Assistant Editor, Foreign Affairs

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