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This edition: Learning About Food Allergies

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First aired: December 2, 2016.

One in every thirteen children under the age of eighteen has food allergies, 6-8% of children under age three, and approximately 3% of adults - up to 15 million Americans altogether. Food allergies occur because the immune system falsely senses certain foods as harmful, and then releases chemicals like histamines into the bloodstream to fight this mistaken intruder, causing reactions. Food allergies should be considered dangerous, as they can cause frightening symptoms, such as irritation of the tongue, lips, and mouth; digestive problems, hives, and in some cases, a swelling of the breathing airways. For some, it can cause a suffocating, life-threatening reaction. In this edition of Healthy Body Healthy Mind we will explore the ongoing challenges of food allergies and what medical science recommends for it management. We'll also talk with patients and parents to learn how they address these challenges.