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This edition: September 2008 - Season Premiere

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Episode Details

Original tape date: September 24, 2008.

A.) 9/11 Commemoration/Santa Barbara-
A delegation of ordinary citizens and political leaders from the City and Province of Venice, Italy, brought The Sacred Holy Relics of Santa Barbara, from Venice, to the FDNY's Engine and Ladder Company #10 House to commemorate the tragic attacks and events of September 11th, 2001. Santa Barbara is the Patron Saint of Firefighters and All Workers in dangerous Occupations. St. Barbara's Holy Relics have never left The City of Venice, since being brought there in the 1700's. "The FDNY's "Ten House" is located at the foot of the south tower of the former World Trade Center. 6 Firemen from "Ten House" were lost on 9/11. A total of 343 FDNY Firefighters and their Families paid the ultimate price for their service and duty to the public's safety on that fateful day. The City of Venice, as well as all of the people of Italy, have shown great solidarity with America since 9/11 by offering great support and personal care to the FDNY, and the Families of their Fallen Heroes.
B.) 5th Annual Celebration of the Black Madonna of Tindari-
For 5 years now devotees of the Black Madonna of Tindari have been holding a feste to celebrate and reclaim the history of the venerated Madonna Nera. The Feste is held annually at the Phoenix Bar, located on Mahattan's Lower East Side, which was the site of the original small shrine to the Madonna, created by the Sicilian immigrants of the area in the early 1900's.The shrine was closed in 1987, and the society that created it disbanded. The committee that sponsors the new Feste and celebration of the Black Madonna of Tindari also hopes that by venerating her, here, they can create a space or portal, for new creative ways for one to explore their ethnic heritage.  
C.) INB/ Italics News Briefs-
A Calendar of the myriad events the Calandra Institute is sposnsoring for October, Italian Heritage and Culture Month 2008 and the rest of the Fall Term. 

AJT (A.Tamburri),LG (L.Grillo), Joseph Sciorra (Folklorist/Calandra Inst.), Daniel Nigro (Frmr. Chief, FDNY), Luciano Boscolo Cucco (City of Venice), Bepi D'Este' (City of Venice), Mauro Bisto Bucolo (Venezia Province President), Msgr. John Delendick (Chaplain, FDNY), Vincent Tummino (FDNY/Int'l Columbia Assn.), Salvatore Cassano (Chief, FDNY), Lisa Cicchetti (Graphic Designer/Calandra Inst.), Annie Lanzilotto (Artist), William Russo (NY Housing Authority), Catherine Greco, LuLu LoLo (Actress/Mother Cabrini), Blaise Tobias (Photographer), Daniel (Hoboken Devottee)

Guest List

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean and Executive Director, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

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