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This edition: March 2009

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Original tape date: March 24, 2009.

ITALICS celebrates the work of 3 highly influential filmmakers, Nancy Savoca, Maria Maggenti, and MaryLou Tibaldi-Bongiorno, all of whom we met at the recent New Italian American Cinema Festival, sponsored by the Calandra Institute held throughout the City University of New York this Fall 2008. During Panel Discussions held after screenings of their respective works, all 3 women discuss their films and their lives in cinema in depth.

ITALICS then goes to a reading by Author Karen Tintori of "Unto the Daughters" . Ms. Tintori's book is both an engrossing genealogical study and a fascinating murder mystery. While studying her ancestral tree, Ms. Tintori uncovers a generations old family secret of a mysterious aunt, who was murdered here in the New World, by an Old World Tradition called Honoring Killing, sadly still alive and well in the Modern World. Ms. Tintori's reading was part of the Calandra Institute's Writer's Read Series.

ITALICS News Briefs Promos the upcoming conference, The Land of Our Return, the Calandra Institute's 2nd Annual International Academic Conference, April 24-26, 2009.

Guest List

Maria Maggenti Filmmaker

Nancy Savoca Filmmaker

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean and Executive Director, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

Marylou Tibaldi-Bongiorno Filmmaker

Karen Tintori Author

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