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This edition: August 2009

Episode Details

Original tape date: August 25, 2009.

A.)  First ITALICS goes to a Conference on the State of the Teaching of the Italian Language in Schools in the United States on Levels K-16, and in Continuing Education. The Italian Language Conference was held at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, and was Hosted by the Italian Ambassador to the US, The Hon. Giovanni Castellaneta. Dean Anthony Tamburri reports on the Conference Proceedings from Washington DC.

B.) Next on ITALICS, we’ll attend a lecture by Edo Zaffarto, a member of AddioPizzo, the community based consumer organization in Palermo, Sicily, which is successfully battling the “pizzo”, or long legacy of mafia extortion of “protection” payments from local merchants. ITALICS Correspondent Lucia Grillo reports from the Wolfe Institute at Brooklyn College/CUNY.

C.) Then ITALICS attends the receptions for “Si Parliamo Italiano?,  the new book which asks “Who Speaks Italian?”, written and published by members of the Calandra Institute/CUNY,

D.) ITALICS NEWS BRIEFS will include some new ways and websites where you can see new television programs produced by the Calandra Institute on the Internet and also inform you on important new course offerings in Italian American Studies being taught this semester by Distinguished Professor Fred Gardaphe at Queens College/CUNY.

Guest List

Martha Abbott ACTFL

Hon. Valentina Aprea Pres., Comm. of Culture, Chamber of Deputies, Italy

Hon. Amato Berardi US Rep., Chamber of Deputies, Italy

Fabio Girelli Carasi Brooklyn College/CUNY

David Edwards Joint Nat’l Comm. for Languages

Giuseppe Faustini Skidmore College

Luciana Fellin Duke University

Fred Gardaphé Distinguished Professor of Italian American Studies, Queens College/CUNY

Paolo Giordano University of Central Florida

Joseph Della Ratta NIAF

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean and Executive Director, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

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