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This edition: December 2009

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Episode Details

Original tape date: December 30, 2009.

First on ITALICS, we join the fray and wade into the muck and mire of the inter-media maelstrom unloosed by the release of MTV’s new Television reality series, “Jersey Shore”. “Jersey Shore’s” characters are eight self described Guidos and Guidettes, and the series depicts their activities at a dream Beach House on the Jersey Shore for the summer. “Jersey Shore’s” perceived depictions of Italian Americans and use of the ethnic epithet “guidos” has raised the ire of individual Italian Americans, and various Italian American Political and Community Groups. ITALICS speaks with Distinguished Professor Fred Gardaphe and Professor Donald Tricarico who have both written on the Guido phenomenon and Italian American Masculinity, and Leaders From Community Groups protesting against MTV’s treatment of the Community.

Next ITALICS takes you to see “Kitty and Lucky, Photographs of My Aunt Concetta and Uncle Augustine”, by Larry Racioppo. The Exhibition, “Kitty and Lucky”, features 20 photographs taken over a period of thirty years. The photographs not only provide insight into their relationship, but also into the development of Racioppo as photographer and artist. “Kitty and Lucky” will be on exhibition at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, on Staten Island, through January 3rd, 2010.

Then ITALICS goes to Belmont, home to Arthur Ave. and the Little Italy of the Bronx, New York City’s newest Business Improvement District or B-I-D. We join NIAF in celebrating the Belmont BID and honor Mike and David Greco of Mike’s Deli, anchor of the Arthur Ave. Market.

Guest List

Joseph Del Raso President, NIAF

Andre DiMino UNICO National

Fred Gardaphé Distinguished Professor of Italian American Studies, Queens College/CUNY

Christian Grecco Mike’s Deli

David Grecco Mike’s Deli

Mike Grecco Founder/Owner, Mike’s Deli

Larry Racioppo Artist/Photographer

Laura Savini VP/ Marketing & Promotion, WLIW, Ch. 21 Long Island, NY

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean and Executive Director, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

Dr. Donald Tricarico Professor of Sociology - Urban Studies Supervisor, Queensborough Community College/CUNY

Robert Viscusi Director/Wolfe Institute for the Humanities, Broeklundian Professor, Brooklyn College

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