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This edition: October 2014

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 29, 2014.

First aired: October 29, 2014.

This episode of “Italics: Television for the Italian American Experience” focuses on Italian Americans in art and literature. We’ll talk with Dr. Valerie Rousseau, Curator, Art of the Self-Taught and Art Brut, who was instrumental in welcoming the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s exhibit, “Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget,” to New York’s American Folk Art Museum. Book authors Joseph Luzzi and Dolores DeLuce bring their respective new works – “My Two Italies” and "My Life, A Four Letter Word: Confessions of a Counter Culture Diva,” to the Calandra Institute. We’ll preview “Embroidered Stories: Interpreting Women's Domestic Needlework From The Italian Diaspora,” in anticipation of its November 13th presentation at the Calandra Institute. Contributors Joanna Clapps Herman and Jo Ann Cavallo join editor Joseph Sciorra in our studios.

Guest List

Rosangela Briscese Coordinator for Academic and Cultural Programs, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute/Queens College/CUNY

Jo Ann Cavallo Chair, Department of Italian, Columbia University

Dolores De Luce Author, “My Life, A Four Letter Word”

Joanna Clapps Herman Writer and Poet

Joseph Luzzi Author, “My Two Italies”

Dr. Valerie Rousseau Curator, Art of the Self-Taught and Art Brut, American Folk Art Museum

Dr. Joseph Sciorra, Ph.D. Director of Academic and Cultural Programs/Folklorist, Calandra Institute, Queens College, CUNY

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean & Executive Director, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

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