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This edition: Christine Angot / Simon Liberati / Eric Faye / Isabelle Monnin

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Episode Details

Original tape date: September 10, 2015.

First aired: February 4, 2016.

After "Little Crowd", his latest, Christine Angot publishes "An impossible love", Flammarion, a novel in the first person in which she sounds out the mysteries of maternal love. Simon Liberati publishes meanwhile "Eva" by Stock, a portrait of his wife Eva Ionesco, daughter and muse photographer Irina Ionesco. Awarded the Grand Prize of the French Academy novel "Nagasaki" in 2010, Eric Faye is back with "We must try to live", published by Stock, which chronicles the quest itself an ambiguous distraught woman. Finally, Isabelle Monnin published "The People in the envelope," Lattes, a survey of a handful of unknown pictures bought in a junk shop. Taped: 9/10/2015.