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This edition: Mathias Enard / Boualem Sensal / Yasmina Khadra / Martin Amis

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Original tape date: September 24, 2015.

First aired: February 18, 2016.

On the set of the Great bookstore, Mathias Enard this "Compass". The writer recounts the quest of artists enamored of the East, through the portrait of Franz, Austrian musicologist and Sarah, orientalist. With "2084", the Algerian Boualem Sansal, declared enemy of obscurantism, was inspired by George Orwell to tell the advent of a religious dictatorship in Europe. Around the table also, Yasmina Khadra, author of "The Last Night of the Rats' immerses the reader in the shoes of Colonel Gaddafi during his last hours. Martin Amis complete the guest list of Francois Busnel, with "The area of interest" whose satirical novel theater Auschwitz. Taped 9/24/215

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