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This edition: Ian McEwan / Sophie Daull / Yann Quefellec / Noelle Chatelet

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Original tape date: October 22, 2015.

First aired: March 17, 2016.

On the set of the Great Books, Francois Busnel receives Ian McEwan. The author published "The child's interest," a novel about the dilemma of a magistrate, facing a sensitive case. Beside her, Sophie Daull evokes his first novel, "Camille, my flight", written narrative to say goodbye to his girl, carried by a lightning fever at the age of 16. In "The Man of my life," Yann Queffelec portrays his father, a Breton novelist, and evokes his childhood. "After the last lesson," autobiography signed Noelle Chatelet, recounts the last months of Mireille Jospin, mother of the writer, who chose to end his life at age 92.