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This edition: The German Left Leans Forward

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First aired: September 8, 2017.

Anti-Trump is not enough! This week, can Laura Flanders show comes to you from Berlin. In the lead up to the German elections, the German left is saying that opposing Trump is simply not enough. But the left has work to do too, as we'll see. Then, two guests join us in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss new governance from the left.

Guest List

Laura Flanders Host

Mahmoud Hassino Syrian Journalist & Blogger, Schwulenberatung (LGBTQ Counseling Center), Berlin

Katja Kipping Chair Person, Die Linke (”The Left Party”), Member of the Bundestag

Emilia Roig Founder & Executive Director, The Institute for Intersectional Justice

Pablo Solón Director, Fundacion Solon