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This edition: Building the Democratic Economy, from Preston to Cleveland

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Original tape date: May 23, 2018.

First aired: June 22, 2018.

Two forms of government have dominated in the west over the last hundred years. In one big power is vested in the state, the government, in the other policy is dominated by the influence of big industry, big corporations, or big money. Well a hundred years after the Russian revolution, and ten years after the financial crash, a whole lot of people all around the world are saying “are there any alternatives?” especially as neither of those models has delivered on a promise of shared prosperity. In Preston, Lancashire, England, a formerly industrial city, the birthplace of the industrial revolution in many ways, they’ve seen ten years of austerity, and partly out of need, and partly out of aspiration they’re practicing, experimenting, with a new model.

They’re calling it the Preston model of community wealth building, and it’s inspired by a model in another formerly industrialized city: Cleveland, Ohio, the Evergreen Cooperative model. On today’s program a transatlantic experiment in cooperative community wealth building. This episode is co-produced with the Democracy Collaborative and the Laura Flanders Show.

Guest List

Matthew Brown Preston City Council

Aditya Chakrabortty Senior Economics Commentator, The Guardian

Dr. Ornette Clennon Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster, Manchester Metropolitan University

Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party/Leader of the Opposition

Jonathan Grisdale Representative, Unite The Union

Ted Howard Co-Founder and President, The Democracy Collaborative

Kay Johnson Director; Coordinator, The Larder; Sustainable Food Lancashire

Neil McInroy Chief Executive, Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CCES)

Lorraine Norris Outgoing Chief Executive, Preston City Council

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