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This edition: Climate Change: The Next Generation

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Original tape date: September 19, 2014.

First aired: September 29, 2014.

Kelsey Juliana comes by her activism naturally – her parents met in the 1990’s while fighting the logging industry’s destruction of old growth forests and she attended her first protest when she was two months old. Now a teenager, and just out of high school, she’s co-plaintiff in a major lawsuit that could force the state of Oregon to take a more aggressive stance against the carbon emissions warming the earth and destroying the environment. And she’s walking across the United States as part of the Great March for Climate Action, due to arrive in Washington, DC, on November 1.

As world leaders converge for the UN’s global summit on climate and thousands gather in New York for the People’s Climate March, Kelsey Juliana talks with Bill Moyers on this week’s edition of Moyers & Company. “You don't have to call yourself an activist to act,” she says. “I think that's so important that people my age really get [that] into their heads. As a younger person, I have everything to gain from taking action and everything to lose from not… It's important that youth are the ones who are standing up because of the fact that we do have so much to lose.”

She tells Moyers, “Something that is valid and important to recognize is that climate change [can be] a selfish issue. It is totally okay to look at this from purely my own life. We don't need to only look at ecology. We can look at it as, ‘Why do I care about climate change? Because I want to be able to do things. Because I want to ensure my children will be able to do things.’"

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