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This edition: NCI - Noticias Culturales Iberoamericanas

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Original tape date: August 28, 2017.

First aired: August 31, 2017.

Nueva York is proud to present Noticias Culturales Iberoamericanas, the innovative news show from the Association of Ibero-American Education and Cultural Television.

We attend the 76th edition of the Madrid Book Fair where this year Portugal is the guest Country.

We chat about the Dominican documentary " Mujer ES Tierra" (Woman is Earth).

We attend the arts festival "Cena Brazil International" at Rio de Janeiro.

We talk with Mexican writer Juan Pablo Villalobos about his book about migration "I’m Not Going to Ask Anyone to Believe Me."

We pay tribute to the 2014 Cervantes Prize and recently deceased Juan Goytisolo.

We talk with Patty Bonet about her short film "Can you see it?" a story that puts the viewer in the eyes of an albino person.

We talk with Charlie Street Drummer who brings rhythm to the streets of Costa Rica with recycled instruments.


Asistimos a la 76 edición de la Feria del Libro de Madrid donde Portugal es el país invitado.

Conversamos sobre el documental dominicano "MujerES Tierra".

Asistimos al festival de las artes "Cena Brasil Internacional" en Río de Janeiro.

Conversamos con el mexicano Juan Pablo Villalobos sobre su libro sobre migración “No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea”.

Homenajeamos al recientemente fallecido Juan Goytisolo, Premio Cervantes 2014.

Conversamos con Patty Bonet, directora del cortometraje "¿Lo ves?", una historia que pone al espectador en los ojos de una persona albina.

Conversamos con Charlie Street Drummer, músico que con sus instrumentos reciclados pone ritmo a las calles de Costa Rica.