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This edition: Dr. Anne Zissu, chair, Dept. of Business, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

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Original tape date: November 10, 2008.

We've elected a new president. What does Barack Obama's election say about our priorities? When did the war on terror become an asterisk? Maybe it was when our house of cards or should we say house of condos and co-ops came tumbling down and our economic meltdown affected not just the rarified few, but all of us. Joining us to help us sort out the mess and explain where and how we went wrong is a longtime expert in the field of mortgage and asset backed securities, Dr. Anne Zissu, the new Chairperson of the Department of Business at the City University's New York City College of Technology.

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Sheryl McCarthy Newsday

Dr. Anne Zissu Chair, Dept. of Business, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

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