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This edition: Miao Wang

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Original tape date: April 10, 2018.

First aired: April 30, 2018.

For international students, the idea of attending boarding school in another country can seem like an exciting adventure – the opportunity to master a different language, make new friends and become a more well-rounded individual that a prestigious college or university would readily accept. The opportunity to attend American high schools, with the hope of increasing one’s chances of getting into an American college or university, is something that’s increasingly being sought by foreign students, especially those from China.

In her new film “Maineland,” filmmaker Miao Wang shows us what this experience is like through the eyes of two Chinese students who came from big cities and wealthy families in China to a boarding school in a small town in Maine. What are the advantages of getting an American education for these foreign students—and what do the schools gain by having them?

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Miao Wang Filmmaker, “Maineland”

  • Barbara Mensch
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  • Nancy Miller, Author; "My Brilliant Friends"
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