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This edition: Liz Evans

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Original tape date: May 8, 2018.

First aired: June 11, 2018.

What’s being referred to in the press as the “opioid overdose epidemic” is described as the deadliest drug crisis in American history, killing more people each year than guns or car accidents, causing more annual deaths than breast cancer, killing more people each year than all the Americans who died in Vietnam, and growing at a faster pace than the HIV epidemic at its peak. Like many other cities, New York is suffering from this phenomenon.

The Washington Heights CORNER Project is doing what it can to deal with this crisis by offering support to people who are suffering the ravages of drug addiction. Its strategy: harm reduction, has been controversial in the past. But Liz Evans, the executive director of the Corner Project, is here to tell us HOW harm reduction works, and just how well it is working.

Guest List

Liz Evans Executive Director, Washington Heights Corner Project and New York Harm Reduction Educators