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This edition: Whitney Dow & Michelle Fine: Whiteness in America

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 5, 2014.

First aired: November 17, 2014.

In a time when racial tensions are running high across the country, an area rarely explored is the subject of how white people feel about their racial identity. This is the topic that Whitney Dow, director/producer of "Whiteness Project: Inside the White/Caucasian Box" tackles in this interactive investigation from POV Digital. Mr. Dow joins Op-Ed.TV host Bob Herbert, and Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology at The CUNY Graduate Center, for a revealing look at the benefits and set backs many whites feel their racial identity can cause them.

Guest List

Whitney Dow Director/Producer, “Whiteness Project: Inside the White/Caucasian Box”

Prof. Michelle Fine Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center