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This edition: Steve Phillips on The New American Majority

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Original tape date: April 26, 2016.

First aired: May 9, 2016.

If there is one thing that is virtually certain every four years, it’s that the Democratic presidential candidate will spend an awful of time, energy and money trying to win the support of the so-called white swing voters.

The very name is telling. Swing voters! It’s as if by definition they are the voters who count the most.

Guest Steve Phillips says that quadrennial effort is nonsense, a waste of time and resources. America has changed, he says, and there’s a whole different population that Democrats need to focus on.

Phillips elaborates on this in his new book, “Brown Is The New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority,” and he joins Bob Herbert to expand on this issue.

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Steve Phillips Author, “Brown is the New White”