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This edition: The State of the American Economy with Robert Johnson

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Original tape date: May 24, 2016.

First aired: May 30, 2016.

Nearly 100 percent of the income gains since the end of the Great Recession have gone to the top 10 percent of Americans. Nearly 40 percent of all black children in America are growing up in poverty. America’s physical plant - its roads and bridges, schoolhouses and harbors and dams and water systems - are in sad shape, but we can’t seem to get them repaired or replaced.

Three-quarters of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. What’s happened to this country that once took great pride in its so-called Can-Do spirit? Bob Herbert covers it all with his guest Robert Johnson, an economist who has served as managing director at Soros Fund Management, as chief economist of the United States Senate Banking Committee, and is currently the president of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Guest List

Robert Johnson President, Institute for New Economic Thinking