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This edition: Allan Wernick on the Future of DACA and Immigration Policy

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Original tape date: December 6, 2016.

First aired: December 12, 2016.

These are troubled times for immigrants in the United States, and for the enormous number of students at The City University of New York who were born in foreign countries. Among the many important, and often emotional issues on the table is the fate of President Obama’s so-called DACA program, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It’s a program that has already brought hundreds of thousands of young immigrants out of the shadows – giving them protections against deportation, and allowing them to work freely, get drivers licenses and otherwise lead more normal lives. Donald Trump has said he will get rid of the program. And in a worst-case scenario, these young people who thought they were taking a giant step toward the American dream, may have in fact put themselves in the cross-hairs of the deportation authorities. Bob talks about this and other matters with guest Allan Wernick, a professor of law at Baruch College and director of CUNY's Citizenship Now! project.

Guest List

Allan J. Wernick Director, CUNY Citizenship Now!

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