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This edition: Economic and Social Justice with Dr. Ron Daniels

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Original tape date: September 26, 2017.

First aired: October 23, 2017.

Recent economic data released by the Census Bureau showed some good news.
America’s median household income is now $59,000 a year, an increase of 3.2 percent over last year. The percentage of Americans living in poverty decreased. And the good news was spread over a wide swath of the population. But it did not extend to African-Americans. The median family income for blacks fell by more than a percent-and-a-half. The gap between the economic well-being of whites and blacks not only persists, it is growing. Bob talks about this and other matters with guest Ron Daniels, a former head of the Center for Constitutional Rights who is now a distinguished lecturer at CUNY’s York College in Queens.

Guest List

Dr. Ron Daniels Distinguished Lecturer, York College/CUNY