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This edition: Human Trafficking in the Internet Age

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Original tape date: February 1, 2018.

First aired: February 26, 2018.

Online sex trafficking is one of the great plagues of our time. And the trafficking of children is a cornerstone of that half-billion-dollar industry. Advocates will tell you that it is as easy to go online and purchase a child for sex as it is to order a pizza. What is being done about this plague, and what still needs to be done? Bob asks this of his guests - Dorchen Leidholdt, director of Battered Women's Legal Services at Sanctuary for Families, and Alexi Ashe Meyers, former sex crimes prosecutor, currently a staff attorney at Sanctuary for Families.

Guest List

Dorchen A. Leidholdt Director, Battered Women's Legal Services, Sanctuary for Families

Alexi Ashe Meyers Attorney, Sanctuary for Families