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This edition: The Last Witness, Part 3 Of 4

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First aired: November 17, 2015.

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren is Detective Inspector Jane Tennison, a skilled top-class detective battling to prove herself in a male-dominated world. In more enthralling stories from the highly acclaimed series, the Prime Suspect 300 series begins with "The Last Witness," in which we find Jane Tennison's single-minded determination to win justice for murder victims conflicts sharply with the politics of her high-ranking position. Now promoted to a position where she is overseeing all murder investigations in London, she can't resist taking a hands-on role investigating the brutal torture and murder of a beautiful young Bosnian refugee. But when her prime suspect turns out to be a "minor" war criminal given a new life in Britain for trading higher profile war criminals, Tennison's quest for justice becomes increasingly complicated. As the case threatens to bring an early end to her career, she faces the stark realization that she has little else left in her life.

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